Monday, August 15, 2011

When the police shut down a Palestine video in a U.S. university town:

You can click on the Ann Arbor News article, below, to enlarge it:

Above, you will see a January 14, 2006 news article, entitled "Activist takes video case to ACLU", on page A3 of the Ann Arbor News, showing exactly how a City limits Palestine human rights speech in public forums.

At an Ann Arbor, Michigan City Council meeting, an Ann Arbor Police Lieutenant was sent to stop a 3-minute video of Israeli soldiers breaking the bones of a helpless, captured young Palestinian.

It did not matter that the 3 minutes had been properly reserved in advance with the city government, as is normal for public commentary time.

It did not matter that a computer and projector had already been set up to use the same projection screen that was used by so many others in presentations to City Council, year after year.

In spite of all that, the police lieutenant pulled the cord out of that computer-- which forcefully prevented any projection of that video to the City Council.


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