Friday, May 23, 2014

"DePaul Divest referendum on SGA ballot passes 1,575-1,333"

Article in the DePaulia,
DePaul University (Chicago, Illinois)
May 23, 2014


"Students voted in favor of an SGA referendum calling on DePaul to withdraw its investments in companies that do business with Israel’s military and corporations that work in the West Bank and Gaza, easily passing by 54.2 percent. A total of 2,908 votes were cast, with 45.8 percent against the referendum.

"The vote, dubbed 'DePaul Divest', followed weeks of campaigning by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and counter demonstrations by several campus Jewish groups opposed to the measure. SJP set up a ‘refugee camp’ in the SAC pit as well as an ‘apartheid wall’ detailing Israel’s alleged human rights violations..."


"DePaul students vote for divestment despite Israeli government interference"

May 23, 2014
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Map of previous divestment campaigns

In the UCLA Daily Bruin at:

 (April 2014)


"US Student Victories in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement"


2003 - Wayne State University (divestment)
2005 - University of Michigan - Dearborn (divestment) (again in 2010)
2009 - Hampshire College (divestment)*
2010 - UC Berkeley (divestment receives majority vote, but is vetoed)
2011 - DePaul University (Sabra boycott)
2012 - Earlham College (Sabra boycott)
2012 - Evergreen State College (product boycott)
2012 - Arizona State University (divestment)
2012 - National MEChA endorsement of BDS (divestment)
2012 - University of Massachusetts – Boston (divestment)
2013 - UC Irvine (divestment)
2013 - UC San Diego (divestment)
2013 - UC Berkeley (divestment)
2013 - Oberlin college (divestment)
2013 - UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara also reached majority votes for divestment but had their senate votes stricken due to pressure.
2014 - Loyola University at Chicago (divestment)
2014 - UC Riverside
2014 - University of New Mexico Graduate and Professional Student Association
2014 - DePaul University (referendum)

(This list is likely missing some victories prior to 2012.)

*Hampshire’s divestment has been implemented. Other successes on this list represent votes calling for university divestment.