Friday, September 28, 2012

"Will they ban 'Boycott Israel' speech at the University of Michigan's Central Student Government?"

The University of Michigan's Central Student Government (CSG) seems ready to vote on a gag rule which would effectively shut down Palestine advocacy--

"UM - Ann Arbor student government proposes limitations on anti-Israeli speech"

"ANN ARBOR — The Central Student Government meeting at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor was filled with tension when the body proposed a resolution on Tuesday evening that would end several years of attendance and speeches towards individuals who continuously raise awareness about the occupation of Palestine by Israel..."


See also the YouTube video:

"Will they ban 'Boycott Israel' speech at the University of Michigan's Central Student Government?" 



"Boycott Israel" bus advertisement wins a victory in federal court:

"Ann Arbor bus agency loses ruling over anti-Israel ads"
The Detroit News (Detroit, Michigan), 9/28/2012,
"Ann Arbor — A judge has ruled against the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority in a lawsuit that challenges the bus agency's rejection of an anti-Israel ad.

"Flint federal Judge Mark Goldsmith says the agency's policy in favor of ads that are in "good taste" is vague and unconstitutional.

"Blaine Coleman wants to put an ad on buses that would have skulls and bones and say, "Boycott 'Israel.' Boycott Apartheid." He believes the Israeli government treats Palestinians unfairly.

"The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority says it turns down ads that ridicule people. Officials say Coleman's ad would probably turn away riders, but the judge says the First Amendment trumps any business concerns..."


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The friends of Sol Metz, Palestine human rights activist, remember his life with a newspaper advertisement.

The friends of Sol Metz (1943-2012), Palestine human rights activist, remember his life--

--in the Ann Arbor, Michigan newspaper,, Thursday, Septmeber 20, 2012, page A5.



Sol Metz
A Palestine human rights activist,

we remember our friend, Sol Metz, the conscience of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sol was a faithful participant in Ann Arbor’s Palestine human rights vigils, every Saturday morning outside Beth Israel Congregation. He was a founding member of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends. 

Sol stood with the hundreds of Ann Arborites who asked the People’s Food Co-op to adopt a humanitarian boycott against all Israeli goods.

At their request, Sol often carried his photo of Palestinian women sitting in the rubble, after the Israeli military demolished their home.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Total boycott against Apartheid "Israel" is demanded, at the University of Michigan's Central Student Government meeting, on September 11, 2012.

This video shows demonstrations for boycott against Israel at the University of Michigan, on September 4th and 11th, 2012.
These demonstrations were held in front of the Michigan Union, the same building in which the Central Student Government meets.

The video also shows total boycott against Israel being demanded, at the University of Michigan's Central Student Government meeting, on September 11, 2012:


What do you do with a violent, racist apartheid state like "Israel"?
You boycott it until it's abolished.

Apartheid South Africa was abolished.
Apartheid "Israel" is next.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boycott Apartheid "Israel" at the Michigan Union, 6:30 PM Tuesday

Boycotting Apartheid “Israel” at the Michigan Union—
See you there, this Tuesday, 6:30 PM.

530 South State Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Bring the Arab Spring to the University of Michigan.
Over a billion Muslims are threatened by the racist state of “Israel” and its nuclear arsenal.

After we stand outside the Michigan Union, we will head upstairs to the 3rd floor.

We’ll ask the Central Student Government for a resolution urging the University to boycott all products from Apartheid “Israel”.