Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boycotting Israel at another Food Co-op

Boycotting Israel at another Food Co-op:

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"Soy Vey! Could a Hummus Fight Kill the Co-op?,
"BroBos pick sides as Park Slope Food Co-op considers Israeli products ban;
"Dershowitz rends garments: we will ‘make them pay!’
"Nobel laureate Tutu backs boycott"

August 3, 2011
New York Observer

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Brief excerpts are below:

"Israel and the Park Slope Food Co-op have a lot in common. Both were founded in part by Jewish socialists. Both are governed by a raucous democracy with laws and rituals to rival the Talmud. Both have a soft spot for hummus and couscous.

"And now both are plagued by the Palestinian question.

"Last week, the co-op held its first open discussion about whether or not to endorse B.D.S., an international movement that calls for the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of Israeli products and companies. Supporters see B.D.S. as a nonviolent way to attack Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, while critics claim the movement stinks of anti-Semitism. The issue has been batted around the co-op for years, from the bulk aisles to the letters section of the biweekly Linewaiters’ Gazette, house organ of the organic house...

"When the Gaza flotilla fiasco occurred last summer, it inflamed the issue yet again, which led a group of about 20 co-op members to push for a referendum on B.D.S., the subject of last week’s meeting..."


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