Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resolution: "BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the State of Minnesota shall divest from all Israel Bonds investments."

"Support Minnesota Break the Bonds"

by Fedwa Wazwaz

February 2, 2010

In the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's "Your Voices" section, at:

...In Minnesota, a group of people came together to form the Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign. This campaign aims to request that the State of Minnesota divest from all Israeli Bonds investments. Divestment is an ethical way to pressure Israel, or any nation in violation of human rights to comply with International Law.

Minnesota Break the Bonds team invites fellow Minnesotans to support the campaign tonight. To find where your precinct caucuses are, go to the Minnesota Secretary of State website, and look up where your political party of choice is meeting in your area. Then, go to the party's website to find a form for presenting a resolution, and fill it in with what is below:

The Resolution

WHEREAS, Israel has consistently defied rulings by the international court of justice, more than 65 UN Resolutions, and the Fourth Geneva Convention;

WHEREAS, Israel's apartheid system has caused thousands of civilian deaths, including children, and widespread human rights violations;

WHEREAS, Israel annually receives billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars as aid;

WHEREAS, the U.S has a history of divesting from countries that commit human rights abuses;

WHEREAS, Minnesota has divested from Iran and Sudan for their human rights abuses.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the State of Minnesota shall divest from all Israel Bonds investments.

For more information, contact: mn@breakthebonds.org and let us know how the precincts went!

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