Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zionist Hell: Neal Elyakin is your new Human Rights Commissioner

Photo: Hundreds of Ann Arborites demand divestment against Israel, as Israel massacres Lebanon, 2006.


Do you live in Ann Arbor, Michigan? Neal Elyakin, a Friend of the Israel Defense Forces, was recently appointed as your new Human Rights Commissioner, by the Ann Arbor City Council.

The Israel Defense Forces recently massacred 1400 occupied Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (Palestinians killed 3 Israelis.)

So what is the City Council's concept of human rights? Do they regard Palestinians as human, or not?

Zionist hell: Gag Rule enforced by Ann Arbor News Media

The only sizeable newspaper in Ann Arbor, called "", carries detailed accounts of public commentary at Ann Arbor City Council. Yet the first time Elyakin's appointment was criticized at City Council, that newspaper printed nothing about it. The second time, the paper printed nothing again-- and the paper's reporter was sitting just a few feet away from Elyakin in the City Council chambers.

The paper even deleted the three articles it had already published which opposed Israeli and U.S. wars on the Muslim world. Since that time, the paper has never published anything against Israel on-line.

Meanwhile, the same newspaper carries warnings to report suspicious characters to the police as potential "terrorists".

Ann Arbor collaborators with the Zionist Holocaust

Israel and the U.S. have murdered millions of Muslims in the last decade alone, and millions more in previous decades. Do you remember their wars and starvation sanctions against Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, and more? It's been a Holocaust against Muslims.

When the media gags the news, about the Israeli-American massacre of the Muslim world, then that media is collaborating with a Holocaust.

That kind of gag tells you what Muslim life is worth to the newspaper in question-- less than zero.

The Zionist Holocaust kills a Detroit Imam

Question: Just how little is Muslim life worth, to the government?

Answer: A half-hour away from Ann Arbor, the FBI recently shot a Detroit Imam 20 times.

The FBI's 20 bullets included three shots in the genital area, and a bullet in the back.

Dr. Carl Schmidt, Wayne County's chief medical examiner, said that the Imam's body was handcuffed and on the floor of a semitrailer when his investigator arrived at the shooting scene. The Imam's body also had a broken jaw.

Meanwhile, the FBI reportedly had their police dog, "Freddy", airlifted for medical attention. Later, FBI spokeswoman Sandra Berchtold told the news media that the FBI would hold a memorial for Freddy, and will add his name to a memorial wall.

Yes, at a time when the median home price in Detroit has fallen to $6000, and under half of Detroit males graduate from high school, the U.S. government spends trillions to occupy and butcher Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Muslim nations. The U.S. government also devoted years to investigating and then shooting dead a Detroit Imam whose chief preoccupation was feeding hungry children.

Zionist Hell: Detroit Schoolchildren Get Nothing, while Israel Gets $300 Billion

When will you demand a resolution to Congress, demanding that Congress stop giving $300 billion to Israel, and start spending that $300 billion to rebuild Detroit?

When will you start marching on your City Council, to make sure they boycott Israel?

When will you demand some answers, when your City Council appoints a Friend of the Israel Defense Forces to your Human Rights Commission?


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