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Palestinian Peace Activist Calls for Divestment from Israel

Dr. Mubarak Awad, deported from his home in Palestine, in June 1988.

Israel deported Dr. Awad for organizing nonviolent resistance to the Israeli Occupation.

You can find Dr. Awad's scholarly study, "Non-Violent Resistance: A Strategy for the Occupied Territories", in the Winter 1984 issue of the "Journal of Palestine Studies".

Or you can read the full study, 15 pages, by clicking here:


Dr. Awad's study explains how Palestinains have resisted occupation since the early 1930's, using many peaceful and non-peaceful means of resistance. He cites the 1936 Palestinian Revolt, as an example of both kinds of resistance.

“Touring Awad Calls for Unity On Palestine”

“The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution”
October 20, 1988

Page E/1

by Thonnia Lee
Staff Writer

“Since Mubarak Awad returned to the United States after being deported from Israel in June because of his connection to Palestinian uprisings, the Jerusalem-born U.S. citizen hasn't spent more than three days at home.
"Mr. Awad and his wife Nancy have been traveling through the United States trying to encourage American support and understanding in the Palestinian uprisings.

"Last week, the American Friends Service Committee hosted the couple during three days of conferences, workshops and interviews in Atlanta.

“…Almost 300 Palestinians have been killed since the uprising began Dec. 8 against Israeli rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip….”

“…Mr. Awad, who was born in Jerusalem, became a United States citizen in 1978. He is founder of the Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence in Jerusalem and author of "Nonviolent Resistance: A Strategy for the Occupied Territories."

“Mr. Awad said there will be a self-governing Palestinian nation. What is unknown, he said, is just how soon and how many will have to die.

“ ‘Palestinians are human beings who need justice and peace too,’ Mr. Awad said. ‘Now they are showing it by protesting. A million and a half are protesting in the street that we don't want to stay under occupation and we are willing to die for that.’

"Mr. Awad is trying to encourage citizens of the United States is to contact Congressmen and other political representatives to try to get some action. One suggestion is through financial divestiture.

“ ‘We have to put the responsibility back on the Americans because they are supporting Israel financially. And if they are supporting it financially, they are supporting the oppression of the Palestinians because the gas is coming from the United States. The guns are coming from the United States. The ammunition is coming from the United States. The economy of Israel is coming from the United States,’ said Mr. Awad.

“ ‘The United States has a responsibility to say no to Israel, not only by words, but also by deeds....”


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