Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dearborn City Council members shouted to stamp out discussion of the Boycott-Israel resolution. They failed to silence it.

Article on the Dearborn City Council meeting of September 9, 2014 --
"Last Dearborn council meeting at City Hall ends in shouts (VIDEO)"
Dearborn Press & GuideWednesday, September 10, 2014


"Protesters requesting council to boycott Israel, who also attended the Aug. 12 meeting, spoke just before 10 p.m. during the final minutes of the meeting. The protesters asked for a resolution by the city of Dearborn to boycott Israel. In July, over 2,200 people were killed, most of them Palestinians, during conflict between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, according to the BBC. A ceasefire was reached between the two groups Aug. 26.

"Councilman Mark Shooshanian repeatedly interrupted the protesters to say that the issue was not a city matter...

"...The last moments of the meeting were filled with council members and protesters shouting over each other to be heard."

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