Friday, September 28, 2012

"Boycott Israel" bus advertisement wins a victory in federal court:

"Ann Arbor bus agency loses ruling over anti-Israel ads"
The Detroit News (Detroit, Michigan), 9/28/2012,
"Ann Arbor — A judge has ruled against the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority in a lawsuit that challenges the bus agency's rejection of an anti-Israel ad.

"Flint federal Judge Mark Goldsmith says the agency's policy in favor of ads that are in "good taste" is vague and unconstitutional.

"Blaine Coleman wants to put an ad on buses that would have skulls and bones and say, "Boycott 'Israel.' Boycott Apartheid." He believes the Israeli government treats Palestinians unfairly.

"The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority says it turns down ads that ridicule people. Officials say Coleman's ad would probably turn away riders, but the judge says the First Amendment trumps any business concerns..."


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