Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Students protest Israeli military propaganda at the University of Massachusetts:

This exact protest, against campus propaganda from Israeli soldiers, was originated by University of Michigan students.

The protests have already spread to Arizona State University, and to the University of Massachusetts , as you can see below.

The U.Mass. protest video is below.


One of the members of Students for Justice in Palestine has written that the protest was in accordance with the call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel:

"Another silent walk-out in protest of Israel’s PR campaign"

Excerpted from the main article at:

"...In doing this action, we are also in accordance with the call for a boycott, divest, and sanctions movement against Israel. Until Israel is held responsible for their crimes against humanity, until they remove all troops from occupied territories, until they accept the right of return, and abandon the systematic policy of carving up the land – we will continue to boycott Israel to the fullest extent. Israel is a colonizer-settler state which has forcibly expelled the indigenous people from their land for decades. Despite condemning international accounts of their domestic policies, Israel is still being financed by economically powerful companies and countries. As a form of non-violent resistance, the boycott movement as a necessity needs to swell and multiply. We see hope on the horizon, and as a coalition, we are attempting to foster ways to reach those ends until Palestine is free, imbued with joyfulness and sovereignty..."

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