Sunday, November 28, 2010

Princeton University boycott campaign against Israeli Hummus--

"Princeton students: Boycott Sabra hummus.

"Palestinian group wants Israeli product removed from campus stores because it serves 'occupation' "

by Yitzhak Benhorin

Published in YNet, 11.27.2010

"Hummus feeding the 'occupation'?

"Next week students at New Jersey's Princeton University will be called upon to prevent Sabra-brand hummus from being sold at restaurants and stores on campus.

"A number of Palestinian students, joined by a Chilean Jew, decided to campaign against the tasty snack on the grounds that it serves "the occupation".

"The boycott attempt is fueled by the Palestinian students' discovery that the Israeli Strauss company, which owns Sabra together with Pepsi, supports and cares for soldiers from the Golani Brigade.

"The Princeton Committee on Palestine decided to hold a vote deciding whether to sell Sabra's competitors on campus after pointing out the irony that hummus, traditionally an Arab dish, was being marketed by a company affiliated with a state allegedly violating Palestinians' rights...."


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