Friday, January 22, 2010

"Resolution in Support of Ending U.S. Military Support for Israel"

The Ann Arbor Human Rights Commission's unanimous "Resolution in Support of Ending U.S. Military Support for Israel".

See article in ICPJ newsletter, below right--

The Human Rights Commission urged Ann Arbor City Council to also approve this Resolution.

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Some campus victories, in the fight to boycott the apartheid state of Israel:


"University of Sussex students vote to boycott Israeli goods"

November 27, 2009


"Faculty senate in Wisc. passes divestment bill"


"Dearborn student gov't demands divestment"

"The student government at the University's Dearborn campus last week unanimously passed a resolution calling for the University's Board of Regents to vote to divest from Israel."

Reported in the Michigan Daily, at:


* "The Wayne State University Student Council voted for total divestment from Israel."

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That was the front-page banner headline, April 22, 2003, on the Wayne State University "South End" newspaper.

The Wayne State University Student Council voted to divest, to get rid of, all investments in Apartheid Israel.


"Wayne State University Divestment Resolution, approved by Student Council"

You can click on this front page, too, to enlarge it.

It filled up the entire front page of the Dearborn, Michigan newspaper, "The Arab American News".

You can also see the full Divestment Resolution text below, exactly as it was approved:

Text of Wayne State University's Student Council Divestment Resolution:

Approved on April 17, 2003,
Detroit, Michigan.

This Resolution is on the Web at:

"WHEREAS, the Student Council of Wayne State University has grave misgivings about financing violent ethnic cleansing, racially directed against millions of occupied Palestinian civilians, who are both innocent and helpless,

"WHEREAS, those millions of Palestinians suffer long-term malnutrition, are surrounded by Israeli army bulldozers, tanks, soldiers, and by jet bombers, all of which have killed thousands of occupied Palestinians,

"WHEREAS, on Sunday, March 16, 2003, an American college student, Rachel Corrie, was killed in plain sight, while dressed in bright orange, while waving, and while shouting at an Israeli Army bulldozer through a megaphone, by that same Israeli Army bulldozer, in the Occupied Gaza Strip,

"WHEREAS, that Israeli Army bulldozer ran her over twice,

"WHEREAS, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has urged us all to divest from Israel due to its violent and humiliating apartheid policies,

"WHEREAS, Israel was a long-time, close ally of White Apartheid South Africa,

"WHEREAS, the Wayne State University Board of Governors ("the Board") has knowledge of University investments, including what governments our University is paying taxes to by means of investment, and has the authority to seek such information from its fund managers,

"THEREFORE IT IS RESOLVED, that we ask the Board to immediately divest (dis-invest) our university from Israel,

"THEREFORE IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED, that we ask the Board for a report this semester, on its progress in divesting the University from its investments in Israel, including divestment from all companies doing business in Israel, and divestment from all stocks and pension funds which include those companies."


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