Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boycotting "Israel" to Death -- at Ann Arbor City Council

Boycotting "Israel" to Death -- at Ann Arbor City Council.

This video was taken August 17, 2009, at the City Council meeting.

To see the video, click on YouTube at:


Thousands have petitioned Ann Arbor City Council for sanctions against "Israel", the Racist Butcher State.

Instead of paying "Israel" $300 billion to massacre Palestine, Congress should spend that $300 billion re-building Detroit... NOW!

Since 1984, people have demanded sanctions against "Israel" at Ann Arbor City Council--
See the January 10, 1984 "Ann Arbor News", at:

Note: Congressman John Dingell has admitted that Congress has given $300 billion to "Israel":


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