Monday, May 25, 2009

Video: "Boycott Israel at Whole Foods Market"

This video shows you what Whole Foods really stands for, despite its claims to "compassion"--

Video: "Boycott Israel at Whole Foods Market"

The video is on YouTube, at:

Why does Whole Foods Market sell Israeli Couscous-- even as Israel massa... more
"Why does Whole Foods Market sell Israeli Couscous-- even as Israel massacres and starves Gaza?

"Ask them to join the humanitarian boycott against all Israeli goods.


For more background on Whole Food Market's sales of Zionist products, see their ex-employee's Blog:

Israeli Products at Whole Foods Market

"Since, I used to work for, and still have email contacts for, Whole Foods, I emailed them this letter.
You can also email them from this website:

" 'As a customer, and ex-team member, I would like to see Whole Foods pull its Israeli products until the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) stops the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. The products I can immediately think of include: Israeli Couscous, Tahina, Oils, etc....
' "

The entire article is on the Web at:

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"Union Busting in Hippie Clothing?

"Something Stinks at Whole Foods"

on CounterPunch at:


For another campaign to Boycott Israeli Goods, now entering its 3rd year, see this video:

"Boycott Israel at People's Food Co-op"

Video on YouTube at:

"The movement to boycott Apartheid Israel has entered its 18th month, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The Zionists use very bloody language to oppose the boycott. They openly encourage "more death" of Palestinian children, right at the Co-op, as you will see."


* This election-- turning on whether the Co-op should boycott all Israeli goods-- is being hotly debated now, at:

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